Cherry City Busy Kids Reviews Wippersnappers!

May 30, 2016

Excerpt from the Cherry City article:

Wippersnappers is a new indoor playground located in Sandy, Oregon (about an hour and a half from Salem.) Your kids are guaranteed to get some amazing exercise here, and to have a blast doing it! It’s even fun for adults! If you happen to be up and around that way, it’s definitely worth checking out.

We have some family around the area so on Tuesday we decided to meet up there and make a day of it.

The second we walked into the building the kids’ minds were blown. The giant play structure was so bright and colorful and inviting. They could hardly contain their excitement! I barely got their shoes off before they tore off into the multi-layered labyrinth of padded jungle gym and obstacle courses. Everything was very clean and felt very safe. I was comfortable letting my two year olds loose to play right away!

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Wippersnappers play space brings smiles to kids, parents